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My Unforgettable Travel :: From Soul to Seoul

Hi everyone... how are ya?
Ok boys and girls since I like anything about korea from drama, k-pop, food and anything,  makes me really want to visit that country and finally I went to Seoul with my mom in February 2012. It was winter in Korea, I’m totally excited finally I went to Seoul. it awesome and wow.. fantastic baby… 

Here's my story

Jakarta to Seoul
Me and my mom went to seoul by KoreanAir, since it was my first time go to korea that's mean it was my first time to used koreanAir. look... oh my god!! the stewardess they are really pretty and cute with their Korean traditional ribbon on their hair . They are really kind and said “welcome a board” and “annyonghasaeyo” to everyone.
my meal on board

After about 7 hours flight from Jakarta to Seoul we are arrived and welcome to Incheon international airport. at that time I’m too excited and really want to jump from plane hahaa. The immigration is really easy and modern, for Indonesian who want go to South Korea we need visa for visiting this country and don’t get scared because to get this visa is really easy, but don’t forget to complete your document. 

Outside from airport building, Korea is really cold at that time I saw a smoke out of my mouth while I talked to my mom,  since in Indonesia only have 2 season (raining and dry season) it is kind of cool and it was my first experience talked with a smoke on my mouth. It was really cold, but we are enjoyed our first day in korea with smoke from our mouth. haha

From Incheon we went to Seoul it’s not too far, it’s only about 30 minute or something. In seoul we had our lunch at restaurant with korean traditional food with a lot of side dish (of course). After lunch we went to Gimpo International Airport since I had one more flight to where…???  Yap… to Jeju-do or Jeju Island yeaayy ^^.

at gimpo I looked around and if I saw celebrities comes my camera is ready. but my mom lucky because she met her favorite actor it's Jo In sung even it's only CF. ㅋㅋ
me and my mom with Jo In Sung (*hihi)

Day in Jeju Island
Me and my mom visited Teddy Bear museum (TeSeum). the museum is really huge and full with teddy bear. Oh ya I remembered while I took some picture with my mom someone came to us and asked me to took a picture. as a nice tourist I want to help them to took their photo group. you know what, they want me took a picture with them (proud..proud). Honestly I don’t know why they want me to took picture with them, maybe I look like Teddy Bear and at the end with my awkward smile they took picture with me. unfortunately my mom forgot to took picture while I took picture with that group. I think my mom same like me at that moment  only one  word for describe us, shocked!!.

After tired took a hundred picture with a lot of Teddy Bear, I found TeSeum's shop while walked to exit. at that shop I just bought a teddy blankets  and I got teddy doll as gift from Teddy bear museum.

Infront TeSeum
WG Teddy 
Teddy Toilet
Moved from Teddy Bear museum.. we went to ghost road (whaaat ghost ??!!) don't get scared people because it just ordinary road with some gravitation. people in Jeju called this Mysterious road or ghost road. do you know how to enjoy ghost road? If you going to Jeju Island, used taxi or bus and your taxi or bus they will turned off their engines to treat the passengers to the weird phenomenon. Sstt… your taxi or bus will still going even their engines off hihi… scary!! Lol*. after try some weird phenomenon, I went to more weird place in Jeju. this place is only for age 18+ and for me this place really "weird place". This place names  is love land. what inside?

I saw many people laughed while they are entered the main gate, ya It’s kind of funny plus weird while you are right now in love land (oh no!). I don’t want to explore more because it’s cold and weird (for me) so, I just took picture with some normal sight.


Morning in jeju started with breakfast in hotel and I remembered I ate some soup, you know the name of that soup? It’s “anchovy seaweed”. for many Super Junior fans maybe you now what is anchovy mean. that morning seems I ate Super Junior's eunhyuk, calm girls.. I'm not ate him in person it just because his nickname is anchovy hihi (sorry oppa). Btw my favourite from this hotel is their homemade Jeju yoghurt, it's so yummy and I really want to eat that again.

Well.. something make me really falling in love with Jeju is Jeju orange. many people know Jeju Island is famous with Honeymoon and Jeju Orange. ya I would say Jeju Orange is one of the best orange I ate, they are really sweet and fresh and if you come to Jeju you must try Jeju orange. while in Jeju I came to orange garden and bought some orange cracker for souvenir for my dad. 

at the same day, in afternoon I visited some touristic place in Jeju like Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Jeju woman diving performance, all in house (korean drama) and many more place.

Ahjussi selling Jeju Orange
Around All In House
Fresh from sea
Korean Traditional Snack "Fish Cake or Odeng"
Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
All In House
Seoul is same like you watch on drama
At next morning I’m back from Jeju to seoul and ready to Nami Island (wohoooo). Winter sonata, many people know about that. Winter sonata is popular korean drama in around 2000's. as their shooting place, so korean government made this place for tourist and this place is really famous as must visited place in korea. This place is really beautiful with some huge and tall tree and also frozen pond in winter. you can rent bicycle and looking around Nami Island. If you come to Nami Island don’t forget to take a picture with Bae yong joon and Choi ji woo here.

It's time for eat, what we eat that day? me and my mom ate some famous chicken BBQ in Nami Island. you know what, I need more rice and chicken at this place. oh God.. that’s why I looked so chubby after back from korea because I ate a lot there (haha). their food is really good and it’s so nyamm.. nyam.. how you can handle this chicken huh?

At the next day, it’s time for see snow!! 
We went to Seoraksan National Park or Mt.Sorak. it is my first time saw so white everywhere. It’s really beautiful and pure. Our tour leader said 2 days before we came to mt. sorak, mt soak had snowed a lot that's why we still can see a lot of snow that day. because of snow, some my friends fallen to ground and I know it's really hurt for her back. 
(FYI ::) If you want to have holiday in winter, make sure to careful while step on snow because it’s really dangerous and hurt if you fall. some snow are still soft can make you slipper, also your boots will get wet and some hard snow can make you back hurt if you slipper and fall.

To enjoy Mt.Sorak we need to walked to the top. we need to used cable car and walked again to the top but you can see the amazing view on mountain's top. I think the best view on winter.

my mom friend's try to threw snow ball
view from cable car
As a tourist have some picture with snow is a must right. in Southeast Asia we don’t have snow and Mt. sorak really awesome place to see snow. I met a lot of Korean soldier walked around and I took a picture with them :p. at the same day I went try SKI. It’s my first time to try SKI, SKI made me can't sleep at the night because my body got hurt because I'm not exercise often but try to slide on snow is a nice experience I had. 

At the night me and my friends went to mall around our hotel, btw my hotel is hotel for endless love drama shooting, this hotel name Phoenix Park Ski Resort. Me and my friend walked around hotel and visited supermarket.

Banana Milk
Samgyetang (chicken ginseng)
little Goo Jun Pyo in Everland

Shopping in Dongdaemun & Doota
Dongdaemun with my uncontrolled face
Korean Traditional Snack Topokki, odeng
While in korea, for me it’s time for learned and practiced my korean language skill. while I went to Dongdaemun for shopping, I practiced my korean language skill for bid some clothes I want. actually korean is really nice and polite to foreigner, I said “gave me discount..sister” (in korea) with gave her some aegyo (cute) expression and I got nice blazer from 50.000 won to 30.000 won hihi. Another thing to get cheap price is use “saranghaeyo” (my mom did that!) hihi it’s funny, I said in Korean to gave me discount and my mom will say “saranghaeyo” (I love you) to seller and the seller answer “na do saranghae” (I love you too) with laughed hihi.. that’s why we are getting closer at that moment and the seller gave me a lot of discount. I remembered ahjussi (uncle) I met in Dongdaemun who gave me a lot of discount. If I back to seoul, I really want to met him again ^^.

While I’m back to bus my friends shocked because I got many stuff from Dongdaemun and I said It’s not expensive because I bid this clothes. my friends want me to get back to help her to get some sneakers she want and at the end I became their tour leader around Dongdaemun & lil bit translator. Actually I’m not expert in korean language, I just learned lil bit from some school plus watching korean drama, if you same like me just mix it with some korean-english way for getting closer with them.

Ok boys and girls I hope I can get back to Korea and explore more beautiful place there. for all my pretty friends If I have chance to visit korea again definitely I'll make some Korea Beauty Treasure. Beauty Treasure --> on my blog is to inform to all of you where is place to get beautiful haul in korea (I hope so) ^^.. thank you for reading 감사합니다.. 안녕^^

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