Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Lee Dong Hae

Hi everyone
anyone know about that number ?
If you ask me, definitely I know that number. yea that number is Donghae's born. 
who is him? ahh... If you don't know about him, why you are here to read this posting?

Ok.. I'll tell you something
This my story just make it a secret (you already wrote on your blog and everybody can read it dear). Since I became Super Junior's fan or ELF, my life is totally different than before hihi. became a fan girl is really fun, because I can meet a lot of people who love the same thing and also I meet a new friends from another country.

2011 Is my first time to meet the oppas. I never know at the end super junior will visit my country because at that time I watched them in singapore. It's really special since it was my first time to saw them in real.

While we're queuing to the concert hall, it was at Singapore Indoor Stadium some singaporean talked to me and we have a really nice conversation. 
How about while concert ? GOD it was awesome!! I scream harder like crazy haha...  and the most crazy thing is while SJ's sang "In My Dream" donghae is closer to my place, so at the end of their song, I was scream and said "donghae oppa... saranghae" and you know what happened next, that stadium suddenly scream "whoooo...oooo". suddenly I felt scared because of that. hihihii but nothing happened to me and I saw many girls looked at me. I don't care

2011 uppss... they are finally came to Indonesia in around June. yea their first time came to Indonesia. it's not their solo concert but it's more like friendship concert between Indonesia and Korea. the concert named is KIMCHI anyone remembered that?

I'm not hate donghae at that time, but honestly I don't like his hair color (T.T). are you remembered donghae and siwon have some drama in Taiwan (skip beat) yea it was. at that moment hae hair's is gold blonde.

2012 still not enough to watching them closer so I decided fly to singapore to watched SS4. it's so fun because I went to singapore with my friends ^^ it was fun fun fun. beside we came to the concert, we also came to many place in singapore. aaagghh I miss them and want to have vacation again with them.. I love you guys 
I'm not took a lot of picture at that concert because the security always walked around my place >.<.

2012 April.. ughlala...laaa..laaa SS4 in Jakarta !! super duper crazy I also came to that concert! aggh it was at MEIS and the concert hall is still under construction. seems I saw many lee minho because the security used some mask (like lee minho in city hunter drama). 

About the concert :: honestly I'm disappointed because while they are walked to front, I CAN'T SAW THEM!! they are disappear! (aagghh I'm getting mad if I remembered that moment) *forget it
EXO boys

2012 September is SM Town in Jakarta.. where I'm ? far far away from stage bye!

2013 Mubank in Jakarta I was watch this concert with my niece. my niece is 10 yo and she love SJ too. it's her first time to watch them, we're enjoy and happy at that time.

oppa let's meet again
Happy birthday 
생일축하해 동해

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