Thursday, December 12, 2013

Liebster Award

Hai Pretty Girls
Have you seen this logo before ?
Since many blogger nominated me for Liebster Award, I'm really thankful to all of you guys, it's been a year since I started blogging and I'm totally happy for this award. so.. here is my feedback for answer your question and the question come from Michaella

11 Fact about me
Pet lover, especially cats
LOVE Super Junior's Lee Donghae
Forever Diet (*lol)
I love blue,white and black color
Simple and chic style
Americano lover
Japan is my obssesion  
Korean is my style
love to change my hair colors

The question from Mischaella
1. Apa brand make up kesukaan kamu?
Etude House, Urban Decay and MAC

2. Sebutkan 5 alat make up andalan kamu. Alasannya?
Foundation brush, eyeliner brush, angel brush, eyeshadow brush and concealer brush
no reason for that but they are really useful and always inside my cosmetic pounce.

3. Apa yang lebih kamu suka, makan atau belanja?
Shopping..  shopping 

4. Bagaimana kondisi kulit kamu saat ini? 
Baik-baik saja

5. Skincare apa yang kamu pakai saat ini?
Perawatan muka aku saat ini adalah Hada Labo

6. Kalau kamu tersesat di hutan, 5 benda apa yang akan kamu bawa?
LipBalm, BB cream, Senter, Jaket dan celana Panjang

7. Bagian tubuh mana yang paling kamu sukai? Alasannya?
my eyes.. many people said I have big eyes and it's pretty :p

8. Kamu tidak bisa meninggalkan rumah tanpa ....
LipBalm+BB Cream

9. Apa alasan kamu membuat blog?
I love writing, I love makeup and fashion and also I love photograph 

10. Darimana sumber inspirasi terbesarmu?
K-pop artist and some international blogger

11. Apa resolusi kamu di tahun 2014?
try to find a new job, getting better than before and tetap mencoba untuk mendapatkan apa yang aku mau

My nominated is

and Here is my question for you girls
1. what is your favorite makeup primer ?
2. tell me about your favorite makeup look?
3. who is your favorite blogger ?
4. natural makeup or bold makeup ?
5. can you tell me your daily skincare routine ?
6. sexy or cute style ?
7. who is your favorite fashion guru ?
8. where is your best vacation so far ?
9. which country you really want to visit next year ?
10. what is your passion ?
11. do you have pet's ?

and Thank you

Tell me if you want me to follow back your blog ^^

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