Monday, April 8, 2013

[REVIEW] Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask (Masker Lumpur)

Hello Hello ^^ How are ya ?? it's been a long time i'm not posting on my blog. so today I would like to share about Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask. this is my first time used this product, I just try it because they said this product is good for controlling oil on face and remove dead skin. where to get this product ? I bought it online and not too expensive. 

*so sorry I was cut the top package*

Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask made from mud that exist in the deep sea, rich with minerals and natural ingredient. Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask can clean the pores thoroughly, oil control, smooth the face, lift blackheads, remove dead skin cells, suitable for sensitive skin, minimizing acne and brighten the skin face.

How To Use

1.  Applying on all over face, avoid eyes, lips and eyebrow (I used my finger while applying). it's so hard to make really black mask because the mask will stick on my finger.

2.  Wait about 20-30 minute until the mask perfectly dry on face, this mask is really easy to dry, make sure quick while applying. 

3.  Use the sponge and give it lil bit water to easy lift the mask. use finger to lift it, softly. (lil bit hurt while lift it >.<)

4.  Use the sponge again and wash the face.

 *it's the mask, they can't lift it perfectly I don't know why*

I'm not see the different before and after use this product, not refreshing also. it just hurt while lift the mask. if you want to try, just try it ^^

Buy Again ?
I don't know


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