Monday, April 8, 2013

[REVIEW] L'OREAL Color Vive (Colored or Highlighted Hair) and My New Hair Color

When 1st April I went to saloon and coloring my hair. this is not my first time coloring my hair, during august 2012 until april 2013 I changed my hair about 3 times I was try weak blonde color, brown and now red wine. what am I look like now ??

that was the day after saloon *it looked so RED*

but the color getting cool and I love it

however I just want to share to you what I'm always used for maintain or treat my colored hair. Hopefully it useful for all of you too ^^ 

Trio L'OREAL Color Vive  (Colored or Highlighted Hair)

1. L'OREAL Color Vive (Colored or Highlighted Hair) Shampoo 

It makes my hair very soft and conditions the highlighted, tangly hair very well. This product has some UV protection in it. but this won't give you tons of volume, but it still has nice swish and bounce, and some shine.

Actually I used this product about 3/4 times a week (as my shampoo). I like this shampoo smell it's so lovely and refreshing.

2. L'OREAL Color Vive (Colored or Highlighted Hair) Conditioner 

Conditioner makes my hair more soft it's really works because if you coloring your hair actually it will make your hair DRIED like a dead roots, so for minimizing this condition you must treat your colored hair very much. give them vitamin, conditioner, hair mask and more. this conditioner is helpful to reduce drought. for the smell it's also good and lovely.

3. L'OREAL Color Vive (Colored or Highlighted Hair) Hair Mask

The function of this product is make your hair more smooth, light and shining. I used this product 2/3 times a week, because this product it's like extra treatment only. 

How To Use
after using shampoo use this hair mask all over hair from the roots until your tip hair's. wait 2 minute and wash it. *you can use this hair mask whatever time you want*

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