Monday, January 21, 2013

[REVIEW] Tony Moly Lip Tint Mini

Hello Pretty Friends, How are you guys ? it's been a long time i'm not posting T.T so sorry i'm lil bit busy for this month. this month it's my graduation day, i'm so happy ^^ haha
ok let's focus now hihi..  now I'll review my favorite lip tint, the color is so natural on my lips. seriously i loved this product

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why lip tint? here is the points of lip tint especially from Tony Moly Lip Tint 

1. It's looks natural
2. The color is long lasting
3. You can use lips perfume it will make your lips more natural than use lip gloss.
4. Easy to mix match.

here is mine, the bottle is too small but easy to carry anywhere on your cosmetic bag. actually Tony Moly Tint have 2 types packaging, this one is the little one that's why it called mini. the normal size is bigger than this and the volume is more. I never try the normal one because honestly I never try Tony Moly lip tint before so i jut bought the mini one.

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Tony Moly Lip Tint have 2 color choice #1 Cherry Pink   #2 Apple Red. Personally i used #2 Apple Red the color is really red and natural it's seems like you don't use anything on your lips but it's red. If you wipes your lips with tissue the color is still on your lips, it almost no color comes off the tissue.

 without flash

with flash

But i'm not recommended lip thin for dry lips, for dry lips better use lipstick with moisturizer or lip balm.

Rate : 5/5
Buy Again ? : Yes

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