Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[REVIEW] Majolica Majorca Mascara

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Majolica Majorca is one of my favorite mascara but unfortunately it's hard to find in Indonesia, so i bought this product in watsons singapore. For price I think it's is expensive it's about BUT i'm satisfy. the mascara works very well on my eyelash. while in singapore i bought about 4 kind of majolica majorca product (i'll make another review soon). 

i bought the blue one

can't read the introduction because all write in japanese. but the point of mascara it can make you eyelash more beautiful hihi... 

Color : Sparky Blue-Black
Benefit : 1. Waterproof 
              2. Easy to use
              3. Double sided applicator (saw tooth comb and brush)
              4. Lengthening effect
              5. Long lasting 
              6. Dry fast
              7. Cute package

Negative : Hard to clean up

I love this kind of mascara it's really make your make up perfect without false eyelashes it's looked really natural and waterproof even you are crying or under the rain the mascara still stunning *haha*. for the packaging is very eye catchy and cute, the mascara bottle looks like potion, it's different from another mascara. opened it and saw the blue color of the mascara, while saw the applicator i saw 2 sided first is tooth comb and in the other side is brush BUT once again it's really different from other mascara mostly mascara use spiral brushes.

Majolica Majorca doesn't really do well in volume, but it's works for a good lift. the mascara it contains tiny black or blue hair fibers while you applied, this hair fibers is works for gives the lashes more long, full look and lush.




Rate : 5/5
Buy Again ?  YES


  1. Aaaakkk, Majolica Majorca product >.< Thank You for reviewing
    Been paying attention to Japanese Make-up phenomenon since forever, review product make-up Jepang yang lainnya donk sist, terutama KATE by Kanebo. Pernah denger gak?


    1. hi ^^
      ia nanti aku cuba review produk jepang yang lain ya.. kamu suka KATE by kanebo ya ? pakai apanya
      aku tau tapi blm pernah pakai say

    2. Suka banget, awalnya tahu karena sering beli majalah Jepang sayangnya aku gak punya produk make-up Jepang spt KATE, Majolica Majorca, Canmake etc, nyari di Indonesia susah...mungkin bener harus ke Singapore/Malaysia dulu >.<

      Setauku, make-up Jepang itu recommended banget untuk eye products-nya, terutama eye shadow :)

    3. ia bner bgt.. emng produk jepang susah di dpt di indo, yaa karena kdg2 klau produk jepang udh msk indo hrganya udh jadi mahal dan orang2 pda mls beli padahal produk jpg jg gak kalah bgs qo sm produk korea.

      nanti aku akan review majolica majorca eyeshadow hihi... jangan lupa baca ya nanti. oh ya sama aku baru post majolica majorca eye lash king baca ya cantik ^^