Sunday, February 24, 2013

[REVIEW] SEPHORA Color Pop Up Store

Back again ^^ now I'll introduce one of my favorite makeup palette it's from SEPHORA this stuff is really awesome, it's like 1 stop place because all I need it's already inside, so the name is SEPHORA Color Pop Up Store.

First while I saw this SEPHORA Color Pop Up Store at the back of the box there are some quotes write "open and discover Sephora color pop-up store!" I think store it's mean they have complete color that you need for make you more pretty. so.. what inside guys ?

Left Side
Right Side

Description Inside the sephora is 148 colors that you can combine each other, play and try some new look with new effect and texture : waterproof eyeshadows that can be used wet for intense effect or dry, lip glosses, long lasting cream eyeliners and blushed full of color. new and exclusive eye top coats that transform eyeshadows to new effect, 3 in 1 eye, lip and cheek creams, and glowing luminizers. you will have everything you need to take you from day to night for every occasion.

64  eyeshadows 
48  lip glosses 
12  eyeliners cream
6    eye top coats
3    3 in1 luminizers 
6    lip top coats
6    3 in 1 eye, lip, cheek cream

This stuff divided into 3 part :

  1. Left side is 42 colorful eyeshadows, 12 eyeliners cream, 6 eye top coats and 3 3 in1 luminizers 

  2. Center this side is full with natural color or for make smokey eyes 22 eyeshadows 

  3. Right side they are have 48 lip glosses, 6 3 in 1 eye, lip, cheek cream, 6 lip top coats and 3 blushes


This stuff is good especially for you how love makeup. from the price yaa it's lil bit expensive I think, but satisfied to have it. unfortunately in Indonesia here is no sephora so I got this in Singapore. If you are Indonesian how want this stuff you can buy also in Sephora's Malaysia or Singapore it's just option. or maybe you can buy it at officially online store. The minus of this product is hard to bring anywhere (for traveling) but it's really good for your collection makeup at home.  

Rate : 5/5
Buy Again ? : I think I'll buy another not the same thing

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